OBESITY: 16.9% of adult population is overweight
more than 30% of the population is affected by weight problems*
OBESITY: 16.9% of adult population is overweight
more than 30% of the population is affected by weight problems*
6.5% of the population is affected by DIABETES*
7% of adult population is affected by GERD*
HEART DISEASES: 117 deaths per 100,000 people caused by ischemic heart disease,54 deaths per 100,000 people due to stroke*


When food reaches the stomach, nervous fibers like all other sensory receptors get stimulated, and send the brain specific information. This, as it is happening in any electronic circuit, is based on two main components: the “wire” itself, i.e. the nervous fibers connecting stomach to brain, and a specific code driven by the nerves themselves. Using the same path, it is possible to ship to the brain, specifically to the limbic system, clearly defined, corrected information. Thus, substituting the food with a small device, the brain neuromodulator, using the same language to send to the brain a “false” food information through the gastric wall nervous fibers, we are starting a set of functional activities in the whole system, activities that are characteristic of the digestion process.

The neurologic complex activated by the above mentioned process is known as Autonomic system, and the effect of brain neuromodulation is an incremented parasympathetic component.

As it is implicit in its name, Autonomous nervous system is not activated by our will and it independently rules many of body functional activities. Unfortunately it can happen that these functionalities are not perfectly trimmed thus conducting to several diseases.

A weak parasympathetic component in the equilibrium of the autonomic nervous system is the primary cause of several functional diseases. They are all proper of the so-called Metabolic Syndrome, like type 2 diabetes, hypertension, gastro-esophageal reflux disease, obesity, etc.

Among metabolic syndrome patients, the obese is the most efficient one. This is because with an excess of food, the nervous system find a way to compensate and re-equilibrate (augment) the parasympathetic tone, unfortunately with the undesirable side effect of a pathologic weigh increase.


Brain neuromodulator is implanted through an ambulatory gastroscopy.
Once the BNM is in place, it replicates the main activities activated during digestion:
  • Mucous production increases to protect the gastric wall from food itself and from digestive acids
  • Intestinal apparatus peristalsis increases
  • Digestive apparatus vascularization increases, draining blood from the muscular system
  • Inferior esophageal sphincter tone increases
  • Hormones ruling glycaemia and insulin efficiency are released
  • Anxiety status is reduced
Each one of these functionalities is strictly connected to a specific functional disease. Here below are mention the main situations that can be successfully managed with neuromodulation without any drug support:
  • An increased gastric mucous production can nurse peptic ulcer
  • A higher intestinal peristalsis leads to no constipation effects
  • A redirected blood flow to the stomach and digestive apparatus bring to a reduced arterial blood pressure, the one that in hypertension patients is drug resistant
  • With a higher esophageal sphincter tone we can get rid of the reflux disease
  • A lower glycemic level brings to a solution to type 2 diabetes
  • A lower anxiety leads to a reduced GAD
  • In the obese patient the need for food is reduced

With neuromodulation we can help the brain to better rule these body functionalities and thus the majority of the related diseases gets solved without other therapies or drugs.

The bottom line is that with neuromodulation, the brain receives the same information that would otherwise get through the digestive process; however it is receiving them without the food supply. Main benefits from this situation are related to obesity as well as to other functional diseases related to the Metabolic Syndrome, diseases that are as of today endemically spreading through developed countries.

Brain neuromodulator is applied to the gastric wall and it uses the stomach nervous fibers contained therein and the whole digestive system network as a way to send information to the Central Nervous System, the true final recipient.

The Brain neuromodulator is able to “deceive” the brain with a false piece of information about food within the stomach to make it starting all the functional changes that are typical of the initial part of the digestion process, i.e. the sympathetic/parasympathetic balance reducing the first and augmenting the second. All this leads the organism to body to a cascade of positive functional changes, to a long and healthy life, with the body working in a more proper and natural way.
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